Maarten Weyn

Weyn.Tech Youtube

Small maker projects

YouTube channel

On my youtube channel I post small maker projects with links to the code and some explanation how I made it and foremost the reasoning why.

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Nerdland Makertalk

Together with Kurt Beheydt, I visit makers in a search for what keeps them busy and what the definition of 'maker' actually is - if there is one.... The podcast is availble on most podcast apps, Spotify, Apple and Google podcast

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Team Scheire

At Team Scheire, the television program on Canvas where Lieven Scheire engages eight makers (engineers, designers, scientists and programmers) to jointly develop creative and concrete solutions for everyday problems that people experience because of a disability or other problems, I focus on wireless, battery operated solutions.

De Weynbrouwerij

Beer craft

De Weynbrouwerij

After making beer in my own kitchen, I am currenlty trying to see it a bit bigger....

Lunch in het labo

Science communication


Every Friday I have a Dutch talk with a professor on Clubhouse in "Lunch in het labo".

inspiring others

Public Speaker

At public events such as TedX Antwerp, I try to inspire others. By discussing certain research topics for a general audiance or visions on life. I think it is the task of every academic to inspire people.

improving life and industry


I have founded / co-founded multiple companies, levering my knowledge in a relevant industrial field. The last ones are `WeSDeC, Aloxy and CrowdScan. Transforming an idea or technique in a relevant business model and being challenged by the requirements of customers and applications to make the business a succes triggers an ever growing will to improve.

improving life and educating others

Research and education

I'm a professor at the University of Antwerp in the imec research group IDLab. I lead the reseach team on low-power communication and localization and teach at the faculty of applied engineering - electronics-ict. I also teach through Coursera and the LoraWAN Academy.

Some selected videos